Slightly Lost – An Australian Travel Blog

My most recent travels have moved to Slightly Lost, a new travel blog I created for my adventures across the pond.

In early 2020 my partner Bobby and I were planning on a mountain climbing expedition to New Zealand and possibly Kazakhstan, but COVID had other ideas. So, we decided to take an extended road trip through Australia instead.

We spent some time making sure we had everything kitted out for a 4WD adventure before hitting the open road! Far fancier than any road trip I’d set off on before, our truck and trailer setup offered fully capable off-roading with the comfort of a glamping setup for those rare rainy days. ⠀

Our Big Lap (the full lap around Aus) plans were interrupted (again) by COVID, which closed borders between states. So, we spent a few months in Queensland and a few in the N.T. and definitely didn’t run out of things to do!

Visit the blog to see it all!

After driving thousands of kilometers through Queensland and the Northern Territory, we officially settled back into life in Brisbane, Australia in late 2020. 🏡

Although we miss the freedom of the road, we appreciate being close to our friends, a level bed every night, and air conditioning!

Our 4WD is now with a couple who are traveling Australia, and the camper has gone to a family with young kids. We’re so happy that the rig is still having adventures, even if ours are now a bit closer to home.

We’ll still be posting blogs about our small adventures, until the next big one! Did I hear someone say Tasmania?!

If you have any questions about life on the road, give the blog a read!

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