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Where I’ve Been… So Far!


My passion for travel began in the summer of 2011, during my first trip abroad. After 3 weeks traveling through Northern Italy with a professor and 15 fellow students, I was hooked! I decided to spend a semester abroad in the UK, and 16 countries later, I’d spent a successful 6 months studying and traveling in Europe.

After returning to the US, I completed my senior year of college, graduating with Honors and a degree in video production.

Following graduation, I relocated to Virginia for a video production internship with The Nature Conservancy. During my time in Richmond, I spent my free time trail running around the James River, hiking in Nature Conservancy preserves, and backpacking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. After completing an internship with the Virginia Film Office, I relocated to Arizona to work full-time as an associate producer with a small video production studio, then transitioned to media production and marketing.

I frequently disappear, usually in the attempt to get a new passport stamp, or in search of a new place to hang my hammock tent. I hope to make the world a better place through photography and documentary filmmaking.


See more of my work throughout the site, or visit my past travel blog HERE.

My freelance videography and photography work can be viewed HERE.


Little did I know moving to Arizona would also involve meeting a fellow explorer, The Traveling Geiger, in the spring of 2015. Some highlights of our time together so far have been a weekend trip together in Havasupai, a road trip from Phoenix to Denver, backpacking the Haute Route in Switzerland, travel to Mexico, and cruising in Alaska and Europe. We spent 2 months backpacking through Europe, and completed a 3 month road trip across the U.S. and Canada! One of my photos from the trip was published in Backpacker Magazine.

And the adventures continue! Subscribe to see what we have planned next.


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