New Zealand So Far

A few photos of our journey so far… For those of you who don’t know, we’re spending a year traveling and working in New Zealand!

To see more, visit my Instagram page or check out our new travel blog, In Search of Fresh Air!


Auckland’s skyline from Devonport, a short ferry ride away



Adorable lambs and sheep in one of Auckland’s public spaces


A stunning spring garden in central Auckland

Northland Beaches


Te Henga Walkway – Muriwai to Bethells Beach


Black sand dunes at Bethells Beach


A tranquil beach scene in Whangarei Heads


Cape Reinga


Start of the coastal walk to the Cape Reinga Lighthouse





Cape Reinga, the Northern tip of New Zealand


Mountain Views

Campervan Tongariro

Our campervan!

Tongariro View Campervan_

Views in Tongariro National Park

The Forgotten Highway

Forgotten Highway

More to come… Cheers!

3 thoughts on “New Zealand So Far

  1. Thanks Glenna! Need some camper-van details sometime, but no hurry. Stay healthy & working hard; howdy to Jake.

    I just subscribed to the new blog. Strange for me, as the snow continues to accumulate in our yard, that I’m now subscribed to and following two New Zealand travel blogs: ISOFA and the one I mentioned to you earlier, ‘blissful hiker’ by the MPR classical music jockey/flutist who’s hiking Te Araroa. ( A major concern for me this coming week? Getting my snowblower from Duluth to Hale Lake!)

    Say, does the vineyard pay you in cash or wine? I’m wondering why Rose used to work at a vineyard in Douglas County, and now thinking perhaps she was working for wine!



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    1. Hey Uncle! Thanks for the follow.

      I wonder how the MPR lady is faring. It seems more like winter here since we’ve had a week of cold, rainy weather that doesn’t seem to be letting up. At least we get paid (in cash, no wine yet!) if it’s not raining too hard. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, miss you guys this year! Van pics coming soon!



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